National GreenhouseTM

If you want to grow orchids in Texas, you can't do better than this beautiful greenhouse from National GreenhouseTM. Orchids like moving air and not too much heat. The full-length motorized roof sash is thermostatically controlled to open and close at predetermined settings, allowing hot air to escape when open. Orchids want light, but not too much.Orchids like heat, but not too much.Tempered glass is a preferred medium for allowing natural light to reach the plants. But without some method of diffusing Texas sunlight, orchids would soon resemble crispy critters, rather than this Austin couple's collection of beautiful specimens. These folks not only built their own greenhouse, they also designed and installed this very effective and attractive shade system.

This National Greenhouse is waiting for a stone facade...but the orchids aren't waiting!

National GreenhouseTM Lean-To Profiles (pdf)
National GreenhouseTM Free-Standing Profiles.pdf