Hybrid Design Greenhouses

Hybrid greenhouses employ both of our primary glazing media in the construction of the structure: tempered glass and twin-wall polycarbonate. Unless the greenhouse is sited in an area of natural shade, the roof glazing of choice is our solar control twin-wall polycarbonate. When a view is required, sight lines employ tempered glass, either fixed or operable. Areas below the benches, sometimes used for storage of supplies and sometimes used for growing, can be clear twin-wall polycarbonate. The hybrids employ a modular design, which allows for expansion at a later date. Hybrids offer either operable gable vents or ridge mounted operable ventilation chambers.

This unusual site condition opened the door for a clear twin-wall structure whose only sight lines are through the distinctive ventilated door and the window on the opposite wall. But the customer thinks of it as a sanctuary - a place of relative privacy with peace and quiet where meditation and prayer can be as common as pruning and planting.