General Greenhouse Repairs and Upgrades

In Texas, too much sun is frequently the primary nemesis to a successful greenhouse experience. In this old milk shed converted to a greenhouse many years ago, it was necessary to change the glazing medium from one that allowed too much radiant gain, to a softer, gentler medium that both people and plants enjoy.

Notice how the clear single-wall corrugated polycarbonate allows too much radiant heat gain. Also, there was no way for the trapped heat to escape. The double-wall opal polycarbonate, installed after the single-wall was removed, also has an exhaust chamber at the ridge. The space stays cooler because, 1) not as much radiant heat is entering in the first place, and 2) since hot air rises, the heat naturally evacuates due to convection.

Greenhouses built over 20 years ago utilized nothing more than window glass for overhead glazing. Changes in the building code since then do not allow overhead glass to be anything other than tempered or laminated, for the safety of the occupants, if a tree limb or some other projectile happens along at just the wrong time when someone is inside the greenhouse. This customer chose rather to be safe than sorry, and had us replace all of the dangerous double strength roof and vent glass with tempered glass.